Content curation

A truly entertaining and engaging event is often more than the sum of an individual part. We specialise in the Experience. Moreover, beyond simply piecing together multi-faceted genres or elements, our team will crucially ensure they are brought together in a cohesive, complementary and comprehensive manner.

Whether you’re looking for bespoke art content, the full music rundown for a multi-day event or handpicked food vendor options, we have the know-how and the network to deliver in the most captivating ways for your event goers. Our past event templates have become industry standard in HK, and we shall continue to ever-raise the bar.

Our portfolio includes (but is not limited to):

  • Installations
  • Live Art
  • Visual Art
  • Multimedia Art
  • Inflatable Art
  • Food & Bevarage Curation & Management
  • Out Of The Ordinary Experiences
  • Silent Disco
  • Cinema
  • International Talent
  • Niche Artists
  • Local Favourites